50lbs Premium Blue Ice Melt - $5 Rebate on bucket returns

50lbs Premium Blue Ice Melt - $5 Rebate on bucket returns

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Orders will be delivered within 1 - 2 business days (Mon - Fri). 

If you would like to purchase multiple buckets, select ADD TO CART. Click VIEW CART from the drop down menu. You will be able to set the quantity that you would like.

If you have an empty bucket(s) from a previous order, please place outside (front porch) at the time of this order.  We will apply your $5 rebate when the empty bucket(s) has been received.

Order comes in 5 gallon weather proof polyethylene buckets with lid, perfect for outside storage and easy access to product. 

  • Enhanced low-temperature performance, -30C
  • Homogeneous uniformly infused - not blended or coated - with calcium and magnesium
  • Expanded melting capacity
  • More friendly to the environment
  • Safer for pets than standard rock salt
  • No stockpile clumping and free-flowing product in the most challenging weather conditions
  • Reduced corrosiveness on equipment
  • Reduced leaching
  • Minimized bounce, scatter and blow-off